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Alkaline phosphatase (ALP) Test Kit (velocity method)

The alkaline phosphatase (ALP) test kit is intended for the accurate and direct quantitative measurement of ALP activity in human plasma. ALP measurement is useful in the diagnosis of liver, bile diseases and bone disorders.
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Test principle

4-Nitrophenyl Phosphate (4-NPP) can be dephosphorylated by ALP and converted into 4- Nitrophenol (4-NP), which turns yellow due to it quinoid structure formed in alkaline environment. The unit activity of ALP can be calculated from the increasing rate of absorbance detected at a wavelength of 405 nm.

Product Features

1.    Linear range of ALP activity: [3, 500] U/L

Linear correlation coefficient ∣r∣≥ 0.990

Linear deviation ≤ ± 10.00%

2.    Absorbance of blank ≤ 0.80

3.    Changing rate of absorbance of blank ΔA/min ≤ 0.05  

4.    Sensitivity

Changing rate of absorbance of blank ΔmA/min ≥ 0.05 while testing the specific ALP sample of activity of 223 U/L.

5.    Accuracy

Relative deviation is within ±10%.

6.    Precision

Intra CV% ≤ 6.0%; inter CV% ≤8.0%.

Technical Parameters



Optical path length (OPL)

1.0 cm

Main wavelength

405 nm

Secondary wavelength

480 nm (Optional)


Velocity method

Reaction direction



4 μL


200 μL


50 μL

Delay time

50 s

Reaction time

180 s

Reference range of ALP activity: 3 – 110 U/L.

Packing Specifications

R1: 1×40 ml, R2: 1×10 ml

R1: 2×40 ml, R2: 1×20 ml

R1: 2×60 ml, R2: 2×15 ml

R1: 2×80 ml, R2: 2×20 ml

R1: 4×60 ml, R2: 4×15 ml

R1: 3×80 ml, R2: 3×20 ml

Storage and stability

Unopened: Store test kits at 2 - 8℃ protected from light. Stable to expiration date printed on individual vials (for 15 months).

Opened: Store test kits at 2 - 8℃ protected from light. Stable for 1 month if kept capped from original container and free from contamination.

Do not freeze the test kit.

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