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Lipoprotein(a) (Lp(a)) Test Kit (Immunoturbidimetric method)

The Lipoprotein(a) (Lp(a)) test kit provides an convenient and accurate measurement of Lp(a) concentration in human serum or plasma.
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Testing Principle

When Lp(a) in human serum is exposed to specific monoclonal antibody, the corresponding antigen-antibody complexes can be formed, making for an increased turbidity of the sample. The turbidity is proportional to the concentration of Lp(a) in the presence of the monoclonal antibody. The concentration of Lp(a) in the samples can be determined by comparing to the standard sample in the specific wavelength.  

Product Features

Linearity range: 30 – 1000 mg/L; linear correlation coefficient ≥0.990; linearity deviation is within ±10%.

Absorbance of blank ≤ 0.80

Sensitivity: the difference of absorbance per unit of concentration (ΔA) ≥ 0.03 while testing the specific sample of concentration of 100 mg/L.

Accuracy: Relative deviation is within ±10%.

Precision: intra assay CV(%) ≤ 5%;inter assay CV(%)  ≤ 5%.

Technical Parameters

Reference range: 43 – 287 mg/L


Packaging Specification

R1: 1×30 ml, R2: 1×10 ml

R1: 2×30 ml, R2: 1×20 ml

R1: 2×45 ml, R2: 2×15 ml

R1: 2×60 ml, R2: 2×20 ml

R1: 4×60 ml, R2: 4×20 ml

R1: 3×80 ml, R2: 4×20 ml

Calibrator: appendant

Quality control: additional purchase

Storage and Period of Validity

Store the Biomedia Lp(a) test kits at 2 to 8 protected from light. The period of validity of unopened reagents can be up to 16 months. Opened reagents can be valid for 1 month if stored at 2 to 8 protected from light
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